Sunday, 15 July 2012

How To Do Selective Colouring Effect In Seconds

This is a trick where in the artist wants to emphasize an item in the photograph, by making everything in black and white and the main item in colour. If you search for the word selective colouring effect or colour popping, there are online step by step instructions on how to do this trick, but for a novice like me, those instructions are a bit lengthy and seems like complicated. Tricks involved are tweaking the photo's saturation, layers, flattening, and other terms I really could not understand, and too novice to comprehend. And the fact that they use paid for imaging programs have put me off and I am sure to those who do not want to spend a penny but would like to try their hands and want to make their photos  become a bit more creative. So how we can do this in seconds then?

Look at the photo effect I did in a matter of seconds. The task involved is just pointing the mouse over to the parts you want to colourise. The only hard bit is adjusting the size of  the  mouse tracing.

1.Original Photo                                  2.When Loaded at Leaf Interface                         3. While colour tracing the loaded pic

Finished Product

How to do it?

1. Download the leaf at

2. Open the program and open the photo you want to work on by clicking the open file option. Once the photo is loaded, it is automatically transformed into greyscale, so no need to tweak it. You can start working and turning it into popping colour effect straight away.

2. Use the slider button to adjust the size of the virtual wand and slowly hover over the area you want to colourise.

3. Then just save it when you're finished! Done, simple no fuss.

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