Sunday, 8 July 2012

Download Free Digital Contents from iTunes and Amazon

Phones became the ultimate "companion" for most of us. We can go out our houses without almost anything, but can not leave home without our mobile phones. It's second to our wallet in terms of importance, and  It feels like something is missing without it. Not just because it can be the ultimate lifeline saviour in an emergency, like being stranded in  strange places, car breakdown, or in a real life and death situation, but also a source of entertainment when on the go.

Movies, games and music, anything digital that the device can playback can be downloaded free. But most of the freebies, especially games, are just tasters. Movies and  music can be loaded into your device free of charge when you know how to convert them into digital formats your device can decode. Or download it free when you know where to go. But free downloads offered by non popular sites can be incomplete or of low quality. 

Music downloads are not that expensive, but it can be, depending on how popular and how many tracks you want to put into your device. A thousand music at 30 pence for example, will cost you back at least  £300. That's only an estimate for unpopular the music tracks. Popular artist's work can fetch at least .99 pence.

But did you know that  there are free music downloads offered by amazon and itunes? Here's how to get them.

The Free Downloads

1. Free music download from amazon

Go to Amazon MP3 section here!

Then click free under bargains category to see the latest freebies. Then just complete your order by adding your selection into the basket before you can download it.

2. Free downloads from itunes

iTunes offers freebie downloads as well, from music, books, to videos. Although it is harder to tell which category has it's freebies, you can see the items at the right side of the itune's interface.

There's a handy blog to keep track of the itune's freebies at

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