Thursday, 26 July 2012

How To Trim Youtube Videos Without Sweat

Watching movies and videos online couldn't be easier using a video hosting site. Youtube is rich in resources of any genre from documentary to music videos, full length new movies to the classical silent blockbusters. The self help and instructional videos are helpful enough to give knowledge to the viewers on how to do things and help do tricks that others think only an expert can do. But because of the straight forward approach and the absence of round the bush explanations coupled with clear HD  video mode, things become easy and can make an ordinary viewers work and solve problems like experts!

The annoying part when watching instructional videos is when the author of the clip take a lot of time showing something not related to the video before going to the main topic.  This is also happening to other uploaded videos that the authors wasn't able to edit their post before uploading. Leaving a could have been a popular post when edited at the beginning of the introduction which can be too long and the viewer lost interest. Same's true with music videos, some has a long intros before the song. What if you just want to see the main part? Something that starts in the next 30.30 minutes of the whole 1 hour of a video? What if you want to skip the first 10 seconds of a music video because you want to download and convert in into mp3?

Skip and play you tube video to a specific time stamp

The good news is there is a way for users to trim the video easily without using any software. We can actually start the video from where we want to start and can share this to our friends without the boring bit. This is done by adding parameter #t=?m?s at the end of the URL code. Where in ?m is the query time in minutes and ?s the querry time in seconds. If I want to skip 16 seconds of a video, all I have to do is to do add this code at the end of the URL #0m16s.

Click the example below

original code:

Skip and play youtube video from a specific start and end to a specific time stamp.


At the moment, there is no code for this but there are third party softwares that can do this easily and effectively. One of them is SPLICD, from, there is no need to download and install any software, just go at the site and copy and paste the URL of the video and specify the start and end time playback.

Another impressive feature of SPLICD is it's ability to create link of the trimmed youtube video for sharing and also makes a code you can embed to your website!


This is another website offering a service to cut and trim you tube videos. Unlike SPLICD thet you need to specify the clip according to the time stamp, TubeChop lets you decide where to start and to stop the video by using a slider. In my opinion this is quicker.

Paste youtube URL at the search box

2. Specify the start and end part by sliding the time stamp

3. The chopped video can be shared, linked and embeded into your site as well!

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