Monday, 26 December 2011

Do More With Digital Moments

Festive season is one of the best times to record smiles. The awe from a child's face while opening up gifts is priceless taken at a perfect moment. Get together atmosphere lingers in the air and immortalised with a snap or two. A picture of happiness and togetherness stamped at a time, in a place, one at a time.

May I ask, what are you planning to do with the photos you have? My first guess is to upload it at a social network site, then to video hosting sites or email to friends, or just sit on the computer's memory  waiting to be accessed after the last bubble of eagerness bursts!

What you are doing my friend, is just sharing the priceless memories you have in a digital form, the downside of this is, these digital images are like dreams that can only be accessed when you're asleep. And to see it in a particular dream is another story and effort. What I mean is, digital data, as it is easy to produce and reproduce and so easy to distribute is somewhat making these priceless memories looking "cheap" and less important. Another thing is, you cannot physically see them without a device!

To keep  memories as precious as ever is to convert them into hard copies, develop them, print them, make items out from those smiles. And you do not need to leave the house for this purpose as you can do it online!

Getting Started

1. First step is to create an account with an online photo service, I personaly choose boots, mypix, truprint, photobox, jessops,  and asda photo, for their wide range of services and projects, and easy registration process that you do not need to reconfirm your email when you register first time.

Create an account with any of the following to get started!


2. Before you can upload your pics, Asda photo, jessops, or myPix will let you download their own uploader software. This will be automatic when you press upload photos. Just let it install in your system or just allow the software to run and once installed, a windows explorer type interface will be embedded in the upload page, here for example is photobox uploader window.

3. Now you are ready to upload. This is the most painful part as uploading is harder than downloading. You might have 10MBPS download speed but 0.34MBPS kbps upload speed. I would suggest at this point to edit your pics properly,  crop unnecessary parts, or reduce the file size and put all photos for upload in one file before you try uploading photos.

4. Once you have created your online photo album, you can order prints from all of your album's content or handpick the pics you want. Online editing of pics is also available. You can also experiment by making a PHOTO BOOK, or use your pics in making novelty items. There are a lot of projects to choose from which can make your memories special and a treasure to keep as well!

Prices for standard photo prints start from 5pence to 8pence per 3 X 5. Below is from PhotoBox and myPix screenshots.

Standard Photo Prints



Photo Book

And Many More

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