Thursday, 1 December 2011

How to make your iPAD 2 into a TV

There are a  lot of ways to enjoy iPAD 2, facetime, movie streaming, superb games, and TV! Literally, you can turn your iPAD2 into digital TV receiver. This means you can watch TV without being connected into a wifi, or 3g signals. This means you can watch TV virtually anywhere without depending on your mobile network's services or being connected into the internet

What do you need?

1.EyeTV Mobile App

Simply download the free EyeTV Mobile app (available on the App Store) to your iPad 2. This is free to download at the apps store, just type in EyeTV Mobile at the search box.

2. Eye TV Mobile Receiver

 The device is available from amazon, which is cheaper from other sources I've searched. Just connect the ultra-compact TV tuner to the dock connector port. Open the eye TV app you've downloaded, pick a channel, and start watching. That’s all there is to it. EyeTV Mobile can even receive DVB radio transmissions!


  • An easy-to-use iPad 2 TV tuner for live, mobile television anywhere
  • Watch, pause, rewind and record over 8 hours of live TV*
  • View up to seven days of programme guide (EPG) data including details
  • Connects directly to the iPad 2 30-pin dock connector port
  • No internet connection required, so it doesn’t touch your data plan
Watch EyeTV Mobile Video

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