Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Stressless Holiday Packing List

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of My Travel Checklist for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Booking a holiday is as easy as clicking a mouse. As most travels and relaxations are booked online, no sweat running up and down the high streets and no headaches comparing the deals suited according to the wallet's content.

Deciding which things to bring along starts the stress of travel. Followed by packing up the suit cases, watching on the allowed weights and so on. It is a good practice to write down list of all things we want to bring along. Then finally trim it down to the minimum and to the best suited for the type of travel booked. The trouble is most of us do not make the list. Our minds are pre occupied with the would be  activities and would be places to visit once we're there. This would result to electrical chargers left behind, wrong electrical plug adaptors, batteries not packed in, wrong types of clothes. Then while lying on a beach and enjoying the sun, the other side of our mind is in doubt if the gas cooker was turned off after the last porridge, if the electric mains switch was off or the automatic switch was set up properly, How you wished you have a personal assistant to remind you all of this.

This is what  MY TRAVEL CHECKLIST from Mondial Assistance  is all about. To remove the stress of travel so you will have a peace of mind and enjoy your holiday without stress, as it reminds you of the things you need, before, during and after your departure. This apps is compatible with PC's and smartphones. It can be customized according to what type of traveler you are, which part of the world you're going, how long, and what activities you will be doing. It is so easy to use and it's logical approach on preparing things is very good. Default suggestions can be easily replaced with your personal likes.

What I do like personally about the application is the Before Leaving checklist, which I think is very useful and essential especially for the forgetful chap like me, as it reminds you to turn off electricity, gas, clear rubbish and more. The things that most of us forget the most. This really saves headache and lets you enjoy your holiday without worries and guilt back home.

Another brilliant point is you can save  your checklist and modify it anytime to personally tailor  to individual needs or type of travel and can even share it by emailing or printing it out.

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My Travel Checklist

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