Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Facebook Application Freezing in iPhone4

This occured twice and I uninstalled and  reinstalled twice, but it keeps coming. Symptom was, when you tap the facebook icon, the page where you can see the menu buttons will show but not one works. The only responsive button is the home button below the screen. While other applications does not freeze.

Usual Suspect and Simple Solution.

Like when I am using a PC or Mac, when I open up many applications and keep them running in the background, all available RAM within the system is used up, and that makes some of the opened applications especially the one that uses more RAM, to slow down or even freezes the whole system. With this in mind I suspected the multitasking feature of the device as the iPhone4's applications are not terminated automatically  when you touch the home button. You need to close them manually! When I checked the iPhone4's opened application I discovered 14 apps running! All buttons that I touched, all games the kids had played, all of the systems native buttons that were tried and opened, were all running!

To terminate the opened applications, double click the home button, this will show the icons of the opened applications, then touch the icon of any of the applications and a minus sign will appear. Touch the minus sign and the application will close! Video is embedded below!

After this simple tweak, facebook application has not encountered any problems yet!

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