Sunday, 5 December 2010

Facebook Search

Try a tweaked search engine dedicated to search facebook for more results. Embedded on the right part of the page and this blog entry. Get better results without downloading and upgrading your search engine.

I know you have tried a lot of applications within facebook including programs that are designed in finding friends. They are free to use anyway. But knowing that they are applications, some have nasty bits on it.

Have you experienced something that all of a sudden your homepage is changed? Or there are pop out adverts coming out from nowhere? Or your computer is behaving strangely? Or you are sending explicit or marketing messages to people in your friends area without your knowledge? Chances are you have downloaded a bundled spyware, scareware, or other nasty bits with the nice applications you've tried and tested.

Now, this search engine is tweaked and is a browser based script that does not need installation, You just use it when you need it, and forget it if you do not need it, and it is not like an additional widget that gets a bite on your bandwidth or  computing power. If you have a blog and want a search engine to search a particular page or the whole web and want to have one, feel free to message me and I will be happy to share or create a code.

Face Book Search
Type your friend's name or group's name here!

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