Monday, 29 November 2010

How to Make A Micro Sim for iPhone?

So you have an unlocked iPhone4 from Apple Store. Just keep in mind that the device doesn't come with a sim. And you can not use your normal sim because of smaller form factor micro sim. At the time of this post, only Three Mobile is offering a free micro sim for iPhone4. You have a choice whether you want a rolling monthly contract with the sim or just plain pay as you go.

I searched the internet and found out that you can cut out some of the normal sim's edges and can fashion it into a micro sim. I did and I was successful in my attempt. These were my steps by just using a blue tack, cardboard, permanent marking pen or ball pen, and normal scissors.

I took off the iPhone4's sim holder and placed a blue tack allover the holder, so that the space where the micro sim makes an image of the real size and dimension of it. I cut off the blue tack and placed it over a cardboard to make a micro sim template, then cut the cardboard. I placed the cardboard template over the normal sim (facing up, with the metallic bits)and marked it out with a permanent marking pen. Making into consideration that the template is 2mm higher than the base of the normal sim and 2mm inner than the left side of the sim. Cut it out and smoothen the edges and you're finished. You can cut out and use any pay as you go sim cards from any providers, from any countries! Check out pay as you go rates with internet bundles from Carphonewarehouse, Dialaphone, E2Save, and Phones4U!

If you are into a monthly mobile contract and is not confident if you can do it with the improvised method, trust me you can, you can buy a micro sim cutter at amazon or ebay for as low as £6. It is like a paper puncher, just put in your sim card and you're done in 2 seconds. For everyones convenience, a link is shown below!Noosy Micro Sim Card Cutter + 3x MicroSim Adapter For iPhone 4 & iPad

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