Monday, 29 November 2010

The Cheapest Way to Own iPhone 4

It's Christmas and there's an excuse to buy an expensive and popular gadget like the iPhone4. The only problem is the cost of owning it is quite expensive and more than the other mobile competitors. And with a monthly contract, it can cost you at least £800 for the next 2 years. The lowest line rental will give you at least 75 minutes free talk time, 250 text, and 500MB of internet data in a month for 18 months. Line rental is at £30pm and you need to fork out £215 upright, bringing the total price to at least £759.

The simpliest solution is to buy it upfront. With a one time £499, or  if you do not have cash then charge it to your credit card, you have an iPhone4 16GB, and the best part is, it is UNLOCKED! Where? Apple store of course.

Going personally to the Apple Store at Westfields Shepperd's Bush was a disapointment, as they explained that we need to make reservation and can collect the item within a week or more. |So I bought online The wife is amazed on 2 days delivery from the day it was ordered online.That means, you can put in any sim card from any country, any operator and so on. You can also save money on internet tariff as pay as you go operators are giving away free internet access of at least 150MB that expires in 3 months. Other operators like Carphonewarehouse, Phones4U, Dialaphone can give you iPhone4 with no upfront cost for £45 per month for 2 years! Take note that even though you buy them with monthly tariffs, the iPhone is locked and you will need to contact your operator to unlock it. You're considerring jail breaking them? Don't as it may go bricked when you update your device. It's only £15 to unlock it legally, and you don't have to worry about something going wrong.

Unlocking your iPhone when bought other than Apple Store might also be a hassle. You might probably pay a fee which is at least £15 to let your network unlock your phone. And not like the usual number unlock code, your operator will give you a text when to connect your iphone to your itunes as the unlocking process will be in a form of an update through the itunes.

Auction is also a good source of low priced iPhone4 but there's nothing like the legitimate and worry free source.

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