Thursday, 24 September 2015

5 Reasons Why I Can't Ditch Android For iPhone

There's no denying Apple is on top when it comes to smartphones.The anticipation for the newest version is always a blockbuster compared to competitor's initial sale. The iPhone is a real worldwide phenomenon and deserves respect from all angles, from the design, the material, and technology within. Enough credentials to make users switch specially when budget is not a problem.

I like apple products but I am still using an Android phone and I know, I might be the odd man out when I am with my co workers and friends.  I do not have the guts  to tell them exactly why I am still stuck to my Android device and not jump aboard the apple boat, so here is the list my Android can only do!

Removable Battery.

Over time, the life cycle of a rechargeable battery decreases with every charge, until it finaly reject any incoming power. Android do not have a problem with this, a new battery is always available and can be replaced without special tools and hours of watching tutorials. A flick on the plastic cover is all it needs. Though some metallic cased android phones can suffer the same fate as apple.

Removable Memory.

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Like the removable battery, expandable memory should be a must. 16GB might sound much 5 years ago, but the advance in hardware, like the camera, HD features, LTE's, internet contents etc., mean your files are much easier to obtain and bigger in size. And these need a bigger "container". The removable memory is the simpliest and cheapest solution to this, which android phones provide. It could be a marketing strategy to provide apple users the minimum GB's to buy cloud storage, but man, the cloud could only be accessed using internet protocol. And why do you need to connect to the internet to access your files?

Easy File Management and Connectivity.

Transfering of files is as easy as drag and drop when using Android. The device is always dicoverable and files ready to be processed whilst USB connected to a computer. Apple would lead you to download itunes before you can do anything. Transferring a file to and from the device needs this piece of  software to work. It seems like it defies the logic of simplicity, the drag and drop, which is one of the computing features that makes things easier.

The bluetooth feature is not optimised with apple. It only supports in and output interfaces like external mouse/keyboard input and external speaker output. It does not support bluetooth file transfer even to an apple product. Androids do not have this problem. Anything can be paired and transfer can be initiated, except with apple products. 

USB Compatibility.

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Androids can be charged with any micro USB tipped charger, which happens to be almost any mobile brands. Apple as always, needs the propriety lightning connector to do the job. Micro USB's are also used by other electronics like cameras, tablets, navigators and others. These means you have a better chance to get charged when you forgot your charger.

Infra Red Blaster.

This could be the earliest human interface device to remotely control the power button of a machine but still we can not live without it. Almost all remotes rely on this old technology which the newer device makers have already ditched infavour to the modern internet protocol controlled. Though this technology is far more sophisticated and can control a device from the other side of the globe, the IR blaster is still irreplaceable. Like when the apple TV remote is lost, my Samsung NOTE saved the day, in fact, I have it configured to control the SKY TV, the Philipps DVD and the Sharp TV at home. At work, it can turn the TV at the staff coffee room on and off, flick it's channel and turn down and up it's volume. It can also play a frank at the apple store  by controlling the apple TV there!

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