Monday, 7 September 2015

Hack iLivid Video Player Content

If you are frustrated to watch movies online cloaked with iLivid download to be installed  before it permits you to watch the content, then you are not alone. I myself is disappointed in stumbling many sites that wanted you to install this for an obvious reason, advertising revenue for the site, as there is a "pay for action" type of advertising these software companies apply to harvest user's data.

Fig. 1

A way to get round to this without installing the software is to download the movie instead of playing it on the fly. One good reason to do this is you can keep and play the movie later, and another one is you do not need to download the software that can be bundled with potentially dangerous software without your knowledge.

But there is a problem to this, the site usually do not have a download button visible. Actually, sites like these intentionally do not put buttons but actions with every mouse or keyboard activity which might include a new window being opened or new tab with advertising contents. A smart move for webmasters to gain revenue but a very annoying experience to users.

The way to get even with them is to get under their hood and download their file from there using their own source code. How to do this?

1. Whilst at the movie window page(Fig. 1), press CTRL + U simultaneously. A page code will popup(fig.2).

Fig, 2

2. Find the file by clicking the menu button(1) and typing file(2) on the search window. The search identified 10 items. Scroll down the results using the arrow keys and watch out for the file content under a video player in this case jwplayer(3). You can also easily identify the content with mp4, flv, avi or mpeg extensions, which in this case, mp4.

3. Highlight the whole script under file from http to mp4 then right click it, then click goto http://.....(4)

4. The file automatically starts downloading, and you can see the progress at the bottom of the browser.

5. The file is located at the download folder(6) and now you can access it without interruption and without the need for the iLivid download!

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