Saturday, 6 June 2015

Transfer Photo Files Using Sound Waves

Humans exchange information by talking and listening to each other. The cleverness of humans also made this possible for machines, that instead of relying on radio waves to exchange information, an application made it possible to transfer files using audible sounds! Clever and I am very impressed when I tried it.

The application is called Chirp. This is called as such maybe because it makes a chirping sound when it transforms the file into sound waves. The receiving device hears the "chirp" and transforms it into the sent file magically!

The requirements and steps  in using Chirp!

1. With both devices connected to the internet, better with wi-fi, download the application from google play or from itunes if you have iOS device..

2. Open Chirp from the source device(either of the two can be the source device) and select a photo from your gallery(3) by pressing the + sign(1). You also have the option to take a fresh photo using the camera(2). Prepare your picture to be transformed into a  "chirp" by tapping(3) on it twice until the chirp button turns to yellow(4).This means the application has already converted it into a distinct chirp sound.

3. On your target device(whilst still connected to internet or wii-fi), open the chirp application.

4. On the source device, turn up the volume to make sure the chirp sound can be "heard", then tap the yellow chirp button(4). It will emit a chirping sound and the target device listens to it.

5. Then the magic happens. the file is received!

Watch video.

Last Words.

As the application is depending on sound, background noise might alter the received chirp that could affect the transfer. So it is advisable to use it in a quiet environment. Distance can also have a negative effect, so both devices should be close to each other. Internet connection is also required.

Try this little fun, If you have installed the chirp application, try opening it up and watch the video above from 1.46 timeline where the chirp message is sent. See if your phone can pickup the sound and watch while the same file is received and appear magically from your device! 

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