Wednesday, 3 June 2015

How To Buy One Take One Cinema Ticket For A Year

UK movie goers could save up to 50% on cinema tickets using a comparison website. In a nutshell, this is a buy one take one promo from "compare the market" when you buy any qualifying products like insurance and even switching service providers. For the full list of products, see

How does it work?

You need to set up an account with compare the market, and purchase a qualifying product. The lowest price I found is a two day travel insurance to be used  within the UK which costs £2.05. The £2.05 is worth far more than it's purpose when compared to the offered buy one take one movie ticket.

Once the purchase is verified which could take up to 2 days, you will receive your free voucher the next time  you log in to your compare the market account. You can also download the meerkat movie application to your mobile phone for easier access to your code.

Remember that you are only allowed to have one account at a time, so if you are family of four, you need to set up a different account and purchase another qualifying product for your partner. So if you plan to use travel insurance for this purpose, buy a separate one for you and your partner and not for the whole family. This would allow both of you to buy one ticket and the second ticket free which would cover the rest of the family, giving you a substantial savings of  50%.

How to claim?

Once you have your voucher code which is only valid for 2 specific days, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the next thing to do is to find participating cinemas near you. Just enter your post code at

After deciding which cinema to go, bring your code to the cinema by printing it or by logging to your account on your mobile and show it to the foyer. Or you can book online and just collect your tickets with the credit card you use at any of their ATM movie ticket machines. Although purchasing online has a booking fee of 75 pence each ticket, this is still my preferred method as I do not need to queue up at the foyer.

Last Words.

This promo is still going at the time of this post. One unique account is needed for every voucher, and vouchers can be redeemed once only. This means you can only avail of the promo once every week for every account. This promo provides great savings for movie goers and it  is to good to be missed. Avail now whilst it is still ongoing! 

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