Saturday, 15 February 2014

MobileLite Wireless Drive

Here's a clever gadget, the MobileLite, so small, yet can address most of the usual annoyances of having a digital device. This little bundle can keep your device running when you run out of battery and can add GB's of storage to any mobile device like smartphone or tablet that  runs on apple or android operating system and Kindle document readers. It is easy to carry and  can fit into your pocket, making it an exceptional  mobile companion. Here's what it can do.

Wireless Drive

The MobileLite's primary function is to give extra storage to your mobile device. The gadget can use any USB type storage, and memory cards like  SD, microSD (with included adaptor), SDHC, and SDXC. If you have other types of cards, you can use a universal card reader as a bridge.

As it can read and write files wirelessly, you can free up space on to your mobile device by downloading your photos and videos to the gadget. This will not only free up space but will make it run faster.

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Wireless Streaming

The gadget can stream file contents from compatible data storage to up to 3 users at the same time. Meaning it can also be a central storage for all of your frequently shared and accessed files like photos, movies and music making it possible for one user listening to music, the other two watching movies and photos from  different devices, which is all coming from the gadget as the source.

Even the transferred DRM restricted files bought from iTunes which can not be played usually through the MobileLite network can be played using the safari browser from an apple device. Watch video below on how easy to set it up.

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Extends Battery Life

The device has a built in battery that can be used as an emergency power to your mobile device when needed. A quick press to the power button will prepare the unit into a power supply mode so it would be ready to take charge giving power with the supplied micro USB cable. You can use the supplied USB of your mobile device for apple and kindle products.

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Internet Connection Whilst Connected to MobileLite

The connection of a traditional storage to a mobile device,  using wi-fi will disconnect you using from the internet powered (especially wi-fi only tablets) by wi-fi network because the radio transceiver from both devices are engaged. This means you need to disconnect from the wireless drive and reconnect to your home wi-fi to use the internet. Mobile phones can switch to data access.

With the MobileLite, you can make a bridge connection of your home network whilst using the gadget as a storage or streamer. This means you can be online and be able to access files or photos stored from the gadget at the same time. It is like having your own  cloud storage service!

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Get more info from the link below:

Kingston Technology MLW221 Mobilelite Wireless Reader

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