Saturday, 22 February 2014

How to Merge Partitioned Drive in Windows 8

My daugther's Windows 8 laptop has 500 GB of hard disk space and partitioned into 2 major drives, C and  D. there is nothing wrong this. The only "inconvenience" of the partitioned drive is when drive C will be filled up. Saving files would be to specify which drive to save every time you do the task. It would be repetitive and inconvenient to save and to access files. The computer will also slow down because the programs and files are located in one location, the C drive.

The solution is either to re path the saving of files to drive D or to move back the unused drive to C drive to form a single drive. The problem with re-pathing is you need to do this for every user accounts, and also, if you will be downloading and installing programs, these will be installed and run using primary drive, which is drive C. So the later is better.

What software do I need?

I thought I will need a drive manager to do this, but Windows 8 has a built in software already. I am not sure about previous Windows versions. I can not find this option in Windows 7 or Vista. Here's how!

Easily Merge Partitioned Drive in Windows 8.

  • Go to My computer and click manage(1).

  • Click Disk Management(2), Highlight drive D(3) and right click it then choose delete(4). The selected drive will become unallocated(5).

Now you are ready to merge both drives into one drive C.

  • Highlight drive C(6), right click it and select extend(7). The unallocated drive will be selected automatically and all you need to do is to press next(8). A confirmation window will appear, click finish(9).

The unallocated drive will disappear and the drive C will increase in capacity(10). You can also see the change in windows explorer, My Computer (11) view.

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