Tuesday, 8 January 2013

iPhone 5 Interesting Application

If you have already the latest iPhone, then I am sure you've been trying it's new functions like the panoramic view. Although this feature has been around and in fact, other mobile manufacturers consider this as already old, this has been a distinct feature of the iPhone5 amongst it's predecessors. But with the refinement of  the camera , the development of the screen, and because apple used it for it's latest phone, this feature of a camera phone has somewhat came back from the dead, and made headlines not only to the users but to the apps developers as well! 

What I am talking about is an application that turns the phone 360 degrees to take panoramic video shots. Cool, first application of it's kind for mobiles. The application can make your iPhone turn once, twice or three times 360 degrees whilst taking hands free video recording. It utilizes the vibrate function of the phone to make it move. So the vibrate mode should be on before you can use the application. If your phone has a funky cover or case, you need to take it off and let the phone stand on a flat, level, solid and smooth surface like a wood, or glass for the phone to spin freely from friction, and as you might not want to get some scratches at the base of your phone whilst taking the shoot. Application of this program maybe limited, but those who wanted to be included in the video shoot instead of being left out whilst taking the shoot can comfortably sit down and relax and let cycloramic do the trick.

Capability of the program is limited to take videos without sounds, and at the moment, does not support panoramic still photos. I am sure the developers are already unto this, and might have these updates in the near future.

The application is available at the apps store and costs 0.64 pence at the time of this post. If you are interested to experience this it, visit the apps page and just type in cycloramic at the search window. 

See cycloramic  video in action below

Watch an amateur video gererated by cycloramic.

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