Thursday, 10 January 2013

Internet Passthrough With HTC Desire C

My first HTC phone was the Wildfire S, There is one thing I was so curious about it, it's internet passthrough function, and it has it's shortcomings, it doesn't normally take a screen capture without fiddling and being connected to a computer. This time I need something that has internet passthrough function and the ability to take screen shot without breaking the bank. And I found a reduced price for a pay as you go HTC Desire C for £89. The package already includes £10 worth of calls. The normal price ranges from £129  to £159 plus an additional £10 of credit.

Why HTC Desire C?  I have chosen this phone for two main reasons. The beats audio built in, and the internet passthrough function. The built in Dr Dre audio has improved the audio quality of the device without the need of a high end headphone.  I also noticed that this is the only brand that offers a native application like internet passthrough among other top of the range mobile phones like Samsung or Apple. 

What is internet passthrough?

Internet passthrough is the reverse of internet tethering. Rather than the portable device powering up a computer or a laptop to connect to the internet, it is the laptop or the desktop that is giving the mobile device a connection to the internet.

 But do anyone really need this type of connection? Maybe not everyone needs this, but I think it is useful in some ways and situations. 

I work in a hospital and we usually use desktop computers to make and read laboratory requests, book annual leaves,  read company emails and so on. And we all do this using our company intranet by logging on to individual accounts. This means when a user leaves the computer, he needs to log out, else the computer would be locked out from inactivity and only the previous user can  unlock it. This usually delays things and sometimes we need to queue up to use it. Personal internet devices will not be able to access the "source" of data as it is not connected to the company's network. And sometimes even our personal internet devices can not access the internet because of lack of mobile signal. 

But with internet passthrough, a mobile device can be internet powered even the mobile network has no signal, and you can browse your company's "source" site without queuing with other users!

How can I perform internet passthrough? 

Please see my post for detailed steps. Summary of the things you need to do this below.

  • A computer that is connected to the internet
  • Installed HTC sync software
  • HTC phone (android version, I am not sure about the new HTC windows operating system, I just could not find HTC internet passthrough from there)
  • A HTC USB cable

Limitation of internet usage whilst reverse tethered

Once connected to the company network, your internet connectivity and access is dependent to the permitted sites  the company allows. You can browse to the company's secured "source" page, read your company email, but you can not really go stray to the blocked sites. I wasn't able to try the web based applications of the company though and I am not sure if it will allow me to!

And with the Wifi hotspot turned on, you can also share the internet access to other mobile devices with the reverse tethered phone!

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