Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Money For Your Thoughts


Here's another way of making money online. You do not need anything other than a computer and broadband connection. You do not need to own a blog or a website, and you do not need to send your friends spam messages. You can do it on your own and at your own pace. This is by just by sharing your thoughts and opinions about an advertisement, a product or a service.

I had my first payment from what I thought was just a past time sharing what I think about upcoming movies, my favourite drink and which type of phone I use most. These are online surveys, where they ask for my opinions on advertisements, products, services, films, gadgets, and many more. I usually do this while I hear news, or while watching boring TV programs where I do not have a choice but to sit down and to show how polite I am to family members, or couldn't get bothered to get up and do something worthwhile. 

What survey company?

There are survey companies online, where they ask you to do the same as this company does. Other's let you review a certain product by writing a post.

The difference with this company is you just need to tick the questionnaire. You do not even need to agree or select the positive answer. You just need to answer the questions sincerely.

This online company is a global consumer research panel that was founded in 1999 by Global Market Insite, Inc. (GMI). GMI conducts market research to more than 1400 companies in over 60 countries. Their survey studies include: Movies, Restaurants, Automobiles, Consumer products, Current events, and others. They have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2004.

Who can participate?

Anyone who can understand english with the required minimum age of 14. I just do not know if the surveys in other 60 countries are written in the official language of that  particular country. Though I have tried to finish a survey using Tagalog, which was an option of the survey.

What do you need to participate?

Obviously, you need to have a computer connected to the internet. A broadband connection is needed, as surveys are in the form of questionaires, videos and other multimedia or a combination of the three. Using mobile data connection is also okay as long as you have unlimited tariff.

You also need to be 14 years old and over to participate, though some of the surveys need participation of younger audience, a child of a registered member for example.

You need to have a bank account. This is for the purpose of depositing your cheque or payment. They do not ask you to provide any evidence of this when you register and they do not even ask about it. But what is the point of receiving cheque if you do not have the resources to turn it into cash?

What kinds of survey and for how long?

Surveys are for existing, new and future products from unknown and well known companies. Like BP, for example, they asked me to rate different advertising posters. Which one do I like, which one shows care for the environment, shows innovation, or shows both. Which part of the advert caught my attention, which part doesn't tell anything about the product etc. You will be guided on what to do and how to answer the questions. This type of survey took me at least 25 minutes to complete. See some screenshots below.

Other surveys are for common products we buy everyday like detergents, mobile phones, McDonalds, movies or sweets just like an example below. Sometimes they require opinions from younger audience, so you can grab your son or daughter to complete it.

Sometimes you are not selected to participate, or have been screened out,  this is because they base these surveys according to your personal circumstances that you have disclosed. Example is when they are asking you to give an opinion about children's nappy, but you do not have any children. Do not be disappointed at this point, just keep your answers as honest as possible. I have been screened  out a lot of times as well. 

What's the compensation?

Payment is through redemption of points. Survey point varies from 15 to 250 points. 1000 points is the least amount of point you can have to cash in. This is worth $50 or around £30. I have just got my cheque this month  after at least 30 days from redeeming it. 

How to join?

Please email me at with a message title Join Panelist . If you have questions please feel free to message me for further tips.

Once you have joined, visit your inbox for survey invitations and you can start earning points doing them. I recommend to do this when you are just killing time, because sometimes the surveys are boring and most of the time repetitive. This is for them to know if you are a good candidate for the product or not. If you'll be screened out, do not worry, they'll compensate you for a sweepstakes entry. I have not won any, but you can see at their website the winners from all parts of the world.

Sometimes I receive  a lot of offers in one day and nothing on other days. You do not need to get involved in every surveys. 

My thoughts and some tips

This might not be for everyone's taste, but if you are an opinionated person on anything I think this is for you. Surveys are here to help companies improve their services by asking us about our views. In doing so, us, the consumers are helping them in the shaping or creating of new and better products. And this is the best part, they make us not just consumers, but as a part of a deciding body whether they release their product into the general public now or later.

Answering a survey doesn't mean you need to agree to all of the nice positive answers and all of the good things they tell you about a product. It is better to tell exactly what's your thought and experience about it, whether good or bad. This will not only help them improve their product, but also to show them that you are an honest product reviewer, and when this happens, you'll be asked to join more surveys to earn more points in the future. 

This doesn't make you rich, it just gives you a little extra, for the movies or anything worth £30. If you can spend all day liking something on facebook without any compensation then this is a little more interesting to do!

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