Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Get More From Vodafone International Freebee

Calling abroad is not cheap, specially when you use your mobile phone on a normal tariff. Big networks like Vodafone has a specialised tariff that can give you a better rate when you call abroad. In fact it can give you FREE minutes, as long as you top up every month.

The Vodafone Optional Extra International Freebee Tariff

This is an extra value for pay as you go customers called Vodafone International Freebee. How much free international minutes you'll get depends on how much you top up every month. A tenner will get you 60 free international minutes and £10 worth of calling credit. This means the first 60 minutes of international calls is free. Your £10 credit will only be used when you call any UK number or when you have finished the 60 free international minutes.  £15 gives you 100 free minutes and £30 has 240.  You have 30 days to use your free minutes.

The countries which are  covered in the International Freebee can be seen in this link. 

After 30 days, your unused free international freebee's will not be rolled over. You can have another free international minutes the moment you top up the minimum amount of £10. 

If you are already on Vodafone pay as you go but  not on the International Freebee, you can call free to 4351on your pay as you go mobile to opt in, or    you can order online a free pay as you go sim card in this link 

Get More Cheap International Calls

In case you finished your free minutes before the 30 days period, you can still enjoy a cheap international call by joining another pay as you go extra by texting INTERNATIONAL to 2345. This will use your existing top up credit  to place  international calls  for as low as 5 pence a minute.  Click this link to see how much is it to call a country of your choice. Effectively, you will have two pay as you go extras that work in lowering your international calls.

And More

In case the country you wanted to call is not listed to make a cheaper call, you can buy an international calling credit by texting bcall to 80550 and enjoy 1 pence per minute call to the USA and other destinations.  For more informations and full instructions please go to this link.


My thoughts

The first time I've used the service,  my calls to the Philippines was charged at the normal tariff. What I did was to contact them through chat and told them I was in the International Freebee. I was given a number to call. The customer service at the other end was helpful and she reversed back the chargers. She told me that I should have waited for the text confirmation that the international freebee is ready to use.

I can say that the connection when making a call to the Philippines using Vodafone's International Freebee is fast and good. The direct  dialing of contacts without an access and pin number is very convenient. The quality of call is also good. Although there are times that it seems like it can not connect, and the person at the other end can not hear my voice or vice versa. Overall performance is good though. And the best reason to stick to it  is it's free.

If you have a problem with the service or any other queries with vodafone, you can directly initiate the chat from this site by clicking this link.  Alternatively, you can call 191 from a vodafone pay monthly for free, and 25pence from pay as you go.


  1. i want to know how to make low cost international calls from uk to Canada with best possible calling rates. Can anyone suggest me something?

  2. There's a lot of possibilities. Using Vodafone international is one. Infact, it is free to call Canada for 100 minutes when you top up £15. The £15 call credit remains intact until you finish the 100 minutes for international calls. Your call credit will be used if you call UK numbers or international calls not in their list.

    You might ask, what to do with the £15 if you have another phone to call UK numbers. Personally, I buy international calling credits with my calling credits by texting bcall to 80550. That gives me additional £5 of international credit which I can use with my BT landline. If I finish the £5 from bcall, I text them again to get another credit. A dialling instruction will be texted back on how to use it.

    To try Vodafone international, just go at the link at the post or click on the banner. Thanks for readeing this post.



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