Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Reasons Why TV Patrol Online Episode is Late

I've noticed complaints flooding the "tardiness" of TV Patrol program segment  at TFC.TV.  I understand that paying sunscribers expect a better service, prompt delivery is one of them, and it is just natural that they get frustrated when they feel short changed in terms of being on time.

The customer service is honest to admit that the fresh content  takes upto 3 hours to process before it is available to online subscribers. So the only solution to those who can not wait for this is to watch this in real time using DZMM's live streaming, if they do not mind the timedifference. Live content is available from the link is below  Manila time.

I am not siding, do not work or have no personal interest with ABS-CBN but I just like to share TV patrol online viewers several situations why they might not see the fresh version of the episode they are waiting for and what they can do to remedy this.

1. Not Updated Browser Cache 

     This could be because of two things.

           1.A  Internet connection

Intermittent or poor internet connection is obviously a reason why you can not get a fresh content. This will make the browser of your computer unable to update it's cache. So everytime you go to the page, the browser can not pull fresh content from the server but will work offline and use the old cache giving you the old page of the webpage eventhough in reality the webpage is already updated and the contents are in.

Save  blowing your trumphet early and  try checking   your internet connection for issues. You can try to check your internet connection using this checker.

If everything is OK, it could be a browser problem.

            1.B Browser problem.  

 Browser and web technology is ever so reliable than years ago, but we can not always be 100% sure about it. There are factors that influence their reliability, like spywares or viruses, and even addons that are being distributed by reliable companies. Sometimes they mesh up the cache and your browser will end up not giving you the fresh contents.

Solution to this is to clear the cache.

  • For Firefox, type or copy and paste


     in the address bar. Click Networks(1) then Clear Now(2). Refer to screenshot.

  • For Chrome, type or copy and paste


 in the address bar. Make sure to tick Cached images and files (3)before clicking Clear browsing data(4) Refer to screenshot.

2. Website is Down

This is the most serious situation that you can not do anything about it. Site maintenance is one of the most common cause of this. But it can also a result of a virus, spyware, firewall, or your internet service provider, wrongly black listing  the site. To determine if this is a site maintenance issue, try checking the response of the site using a website checker.

Use check it directly by cliking the prefilled TFC.TV  link below.

It can show you if the site is reachable(5). In this screenshot, it is saying that it is up and running. You can also use the search(6) function to check other sites.

Below the test page is a message board where TFC subscribers post the date when they encountered maintenance problem..

Below is an example of a site which is down using this web checker.

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