Sunday, 5 June 2016

No Signal, No Problem!

Thuraya SatSleeve for iPhone/Android
Nothing can dispute the fact that the mobile phone are is the present swissknife of gadgets.  It gives us everything, from telling the time to telling the future on what lies ahead, if we need to bring raincoats or sunshades. And not to mention being able to broadcast this info to our friends via SMS or video calls so that we could organise something like a barbecue party or just have a beer at a nearby bar.

But none of these functions would be possible in a dead spot area or  to any barren place where the mobile cellsite can't reach. This makes the mighty phone lame or useless. Instances like this could make us recall that the mobile phone is not the present swissknife of gadgets after all. Or is it still?

If  your line of work requires crucial continous communication signal then satellite communication device is an excusable purchase eventhough it costs an arm and a leg. Sometimes it is better to lose those than lose everything including our lives.  Although this kind of phone has the edge in terms of connectivity, it shortchange by miles in functions compared to a mobile phone.

The SatSleeve

Luckily, there is a way to combine the perpetual connection of a satellite phone and the allrounder functions of a smartphone.The SatSleeve from Thuraya combines this features of the two devices so that there's no interruption of communication signal using satellite and harnesess the whole smartphone's features. In a nutshell, it gives the missing link of failed smartphone in a dead spot zone.

The SatSleve's signal is provided by satellites via a special sim card, and this signal can be transferred to any smartphone, iPhone or android, that supports wi-fi signal. The SatSleeve acts as the hotspot and the smartphone as the device. Although using this signal costs arm and leg, it could outweigh the possible loss in times of emergency.

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