Saturday, 3 October 2015

How To Watch Regionally Restricted Streaming Coverage

For those who've missed the video streaming FIBA championship between China and Gilas Philippines because they are trying to view the game outside the Philippines and just contented with the twitter updates could have not missed the action using a browser extension. I have seen tweets asking where to get the streaming link and when they get the link, others are complaining they can not view it. This is because the streaming site has limited it's audience to regionally restrict to Philippine viewers only. And this is made possible by the ISP's filtering web IP addresses.

 To get round to this, masking your IP address by spoofing your location as in the Philippines usually "unrestrict" you from viewing it. There are many softwares that promise this functionality when you ask google, but these could only get you malwares when you are not careful. A better option is to get a browser extension that installs itself to the browser you are using is safer. Though there are many selections as well, HOLA has not failed me to let me watch regionally restricted videos and streaming broadcast yet. Here's where to get and install HOLA for your browser.

In this post, I used firefox. Download and install HOLA from .

You need to allow it's access to your browser when prompted and one installed, you'll notice the hola icon at the top right side of your browser(1). Click on it and click on more(2) to spoof which country you want to "view" the streaming video from, which in this case, Philippines.

 After choosing the country(3), the blank screen with the error message changes into a clickable player window.

Now enjoy the video in full screen!

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