Saturday, 9 May 2015

How To Hack Hidden Friends On Facebook

If you noticed that some of your friends on facebook are only showing mutual friends when you click their friend's list, then this is because they set this not to show to the public.This is easily set by clicking the pen icon and editing privacy(1) to show just for the account holder(only me  option) (2). I myself use this security feature because I do not want any of my friends to be bothered by anyone from my list of friends. This is one way of showing respect to their privacy.

Until yesterday, I was very confident that this feature is well secured, considering the seriousness of FB on privacy. But by using an extension for Chrome, the hidden friends can be revealed. Here's how.

Facebook Friend Mapper

How to install it

Obviously, you need to have chrome browser to start with. If you have it already go to Google Chrome Web Store and search for facebook friend mapper or click directly below.

  • Scroll down to the "extensions" and click "+ Free" button(3) to add(4) it as an extension.

  • Check if the new extension is enabled by clicking the menu New Fx Menu >settings>extensions and making sure enabled(5) is ticked.

  • Close chrome and restart it.

How to use it 

  • Go to facebook and you will notice an additional feature at the friends button, reveal friends(6). 

  • Click the friends button and select a friend (7) that only shows mutual friends. 

  • Click reveal friends (8) and the magic begins as the software (9) maps the hidden friends.

(Trouble shooting)
If at this point the "reveal friends" extension does not appear, refresh your browser until it shows. You may need to wait 3 seconds for every refresh to let the extension integrate inself to the FB interface.

  • The revealed  hidden list.

Last Words.

If you are concerned about your friend's privacy and already using the only me feature on your friend's list to hide them, then there's nothing you can do at the moment until FB finds a way of patching the hole of "mutual friend's" access to interconnected FB profiles. So whilst the extension is still working, better make use of it!

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