Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Can't Right Click A Site?

Are you ever frustrated that when you want to copy something from a website, you can not do it because the webmaster turned off the ability to right-click(1)? This is true to content rich sites and other financial online pages like banks that deploy codes to protect their contents from unauthorized copying or to make certain data like account numbers and balances harder to copy, edit and reproduce in digital form. This easy tactic would be enough for regular users to leave the site's contents alone. But of course there are ways of getting round to this problem.

Taking a snapshot using print screen is a straightforward no fuss solution but  you will not be able to edit the screen captured text  in a word document as it is in a photo format, unless you have an optical character recognition program installed. But before going complicated, here are two  a simple solutions for this problem.

Use keyboard shortcut.

By using the ctrl+c in your keyboard, the copy function overrides the java code that disables the ability to right-click. To do this, highlight the contents you want to copy by left clicking and dragging the cursor through the end of the target content,  then press ctrl + c on your keyboard(2).

The highlighted content will be saved on the clipboard.  If you are just after the text content, open up notepad and click paste(4) from the edit(2) menu.

Use sequence keyboard clicks.

Another way to do this is to follow a sequence of keyboard clicks that works the same as the first. Here's how.

  • Whilst on the "non right clickable site", highlight the content you want to copy by left clicking and dragging the cursor,  then hold and press the right mouse button continuously, at this point the site's warning appears(5),

  • With a finger of your other hand, click enter, the warning sign will disappear(6)

  • Then let go of the right mouse button , the right click(7) menu or copy button appears! Press the copy button and the highlighted portion will be available from the clipboard to paste in a document or text program!

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