Friday, 13 September 2013

The Top 2 Most Annoying Internet Problem

Internet is already an integral part of everyday living. It keeps us entertained, makes our lives easier, more fun and more productive. However, there are major frustrations that we stumble upon as we surf the web. And here are the top two that really annoying .

No  internet connection

This is the most dismal thing that can happen to web surfers like you and me. This problem can be an ISP problem, router problem or the internet device itself.

Device Troubleshooting

To roll out if the internet device is the problem, click the wifi connection icon(1) at the right bottom part of the screen. It should be connected to your router and should detect other wireless gateways(2) nearby. If it can not detect any and you are sure the router is working well, then there's a high possibility that the internet device has the problem.

Solution for this is to try to turn on and off the wifi button(a physical switch might be located at the top or the bottom of the laptop, depending on the model or embedded at one of the F keys.

Next thing to do is to see if you have an internet gateway by going to the command console. Click Start(3),  type cmd (4)at the search box, then press enter. At the console, type in ipconfig(4) then enter.

If the wireless connection is not established then the media state is disconnected(5).  The default gateway and other values(6) are shown when there is a connection. If the media state is disconnected, try other internet devices if they can connect to the router, if not, suspect the router.

If you established that the router is working and the wi-fi of your device is not, you can still connect using a wired connection via the ethernet port with an RJ45 cable(A) or install a new wi-fi USB receiver(B).

Router troubleshooting

Take note of the colours of the router. They should be green or blue, rather than red or amber. Red or amber colours could mean that there is a problem with the router or data signal. If red light shows at the power button(7), it's time to buy a new one. If the DSL(8) button is on the red, there is a problem with the data being transmitted from your ISP. It might be a problem from your ISP or your hardware peripherals like the filter or the telephone wire. If this is the case, try to unplug and plug the wire connections from the router to the filter, and from the filter to the telephone socket. Make sure as well that the length of the wire from the router to the telephone socket is not too long. Too much length can drop data signals. Restart your router by unplugging the mains power. If the colour of the DSL button remains amber or red, then it is about time to call your ISP. The lights of the wi-fi(9) and ethernet (10) has nothing to do with the DSL signal.

Slow internet connection

Imagine a webpage taking forever loading. This is worst than no signal at all. And most of the time, the problem originates from the ISP, and there's nothing you can do about it but to call the company. But before you call them make sure that you have an additional evidence to show that you have a slow connection. You can check your speed when you notice a slow loading of pages at

note: you do not need to click (12) before you test, just click (11) straight away.

According to the test, I only manage to have 2.25MBPS from the "upto 6MBPS" that my phone line can handle and as advertised by my ISP, not even the half of it. And sometimes my connection just drops down to an annoying dial up speed like 250kbps! Although it says unlimited in the contract, there's a small print that says "subject to fair usage". What I suspect is that they throttle the speed they are providing me as I usually notice a drop after I download movies! "Subject to fair usage" statement should be specifically defined.

Another cause of slow connection is the number of users. As the four of us are dividing just 2.25MBPS, we expect that we can not stream at the same time four different  movies without interruption or problems.

The solution to this is to change to a higher speed plan or upgrade to fibre optics, threaten the company you are leaving them or maybe just ask for a discount!

Other cause is black spots at a certain part of the house. The solution to this is to determine which part of the house seems the signal drops and avoid that spot whilst on the internet. Another solution is to get the latest high gain router.

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