Saturday, 25 May 2013

Watch TV and Movies on Smartphones and PC's Part 3

Post for  Ka'Tira's and all OFW's looking for a free way to watch live Philippine TV's without subscription and other nationalities away from their own countries. This post is not meant to compete for other paid video services that offer almost the same functionality, but to let people know that free TV is possible without subscription and hardware modification.

If you think that the work of these guys from XBMC is useful, interesting and impressive, please show your support for this group with any amount of donation. This is not compulsory of course.

MashUp for Android SmartPhone

Here's the guide on how to install MashUp add on for XBMC on an android phone. The phone I used in this post is a Samsung S3 model. It can be simple, but the first time I tried to install it, I run into a problem that I thought only as a minor one but turned out to be annoying, the problem of searching for the downloaded zip file. 

Using the phone's explorer, the file is easy to find, but when I when I was ready to install the file using XBMC, the file just got missing. Maybe because it is a ZIP file and needed a specialised program to read it? I do not know. My last resort was to open one by one the directories, folders and subfolders from my phone that the XBMC browser found. Until I came to MNT folder. This did not made any sense to me, but I needed to look for that ZIP file. And it was there!

Assuming that you have downloaded XBMC(part 1) and Mash up add on(part 2) on your smart phone, open up XBMC.
1. Go to settings.

2. Then click on add ons

3. Click install from zip file, XBMC browser will appear at the right side then choose root file system.

4. Open MNT 

5. Browse to extSDCard

6. Go to Download folder

7. Then click the ZIP file. In this example I have downloaded two versions, I just did used the repository ending in all!

Then you can now install MashUp to watch TV. See tutorial on how to install at part 2. PC and mobile phone has the same installation procedure.

Then you can watch something like this!

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