Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Make Windows 8 Easier to Navigate

Windows 8 is faster than the previous versions. The only thing that is somewhat restrains me from using it is its tiled interface. As the live tiles view  are new to me, it is something that needs to get familiar with. At first, I feel lost, I do not know where things are, and I admit I do not know where to start. And this makes things to slow down.

No start button

This was my first problem, to look where the start button is. There is none. But start typing whilst you are in the tiles (start) page, will activate the search function. Windows then shows you the possible files or programs based from the keys you input. If you are looking for control panel for example, just type "C" and windows will show you the link and icon that starts in "C" including that of  "control panel" to click.

Where's the usual accessories?

In case you are looking for the calculator, notepad, or paint in the list of files or programs, you might notice that there is no folder named "Accessories" where they usually reside. You need to go further down to "Windows Accessories" to see these.

Not all default  tiles are relevant to users

The tile window is very new and look pretty good. It's like a collection of icons similar to a smartphone. But unlike smartphones that most of the icons there are useful to the user, (How can I tell?  Well they won't be there if the user did not think they are useful to be downloaded) the native tiles are somewhat not relevant to users. And this is where the slowdown occurs.

But the good thing is you can choose which tile to put on and easily delete those you do not like.

Customize the tiles

Windows 8 is easier to use when the start tiles are relevant to the user. Like knowing exactly where to click the usual programs, users usually use, like my computer, control panel, connected devices, favourite programs and utilities. This is all done by "pinning" the programs at the start menu.

  • Unpin tiles you do not use

First is to "weed out" things you do not want to make space for the things you want. Hover your cursor to the top or bottom right (yellow arrow)of your screen, click settings (green arrow), right click (1) on the tile that you want to unpin then click unpin(2). Keep doing it until everything you do not want is removed.

  • Choose and pin programs

Access all apps by right clicking at an empty space, to show all apps (green arrow).

Then go to the apps, utilities and accessories you usually use, or anything you think is useful to you. Right click it(1) then pin to start(2)

  • Rearrage it

Rearranging the tiles is also quick and easy. Just drag and drop each tile to where you want it to be. Here's my trimmed down start tiles with my favourite programs and utilities I usually need beginning with the desktop. You can arrange it alphabetically to make your computer time easier and more productive!

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