Wednesday, 3 April 2013

DIY How To Share Your Hotel's Wired Internet

Myself having a flu did not stopped the family's day out.  It was booked and well planned in advance and the kids are excited to move out from the over staying winter weather in the UK, only to find out Czech Republic has the same weather condition as well, -3 celcius centigrade.  The travel is not really smooth, well not for me. At Heathrow, my backpack was swabbed twice when I was  checking in, and randomly frisk checked  again at Oslo. I blamed my flu and cough!

The accommodation, Roma Hotel,  is within the heart of Prague, very near to tourist attractions like, Prague Castle, St Nicholas Cathedral, Infant Jesus of Prague and many more. I can say that these attractions are within walking distance from the hotel. Most establishments within the vicinity offers free wi-fi, that's Hotel Roma included. It says in their website and services that they offer it free. The annoying part is the connection doesn't have no internet connection. I can connect my laptop and the other gadgets wirelessly but doesn't give us internet. I was tempted to call the customer service about this until  I discovered an RJ45 dangling at a wall socket. Tried it on my laptop and viola, it has an internet connection! Now the next task is to share it with my son's iPad, wife's iPhone, daughter's S2 and my S3.

This is one of the moments that I missed my HTC phone, to use it's internet passthrough service and create a hotspot to share the connection. Problem is, I did not brought it. iPhones, iPads, and Galaxy's have no reverse tethering capabilities! Then I got curious at Intel My Wi-Fi Utility program of my laptop, (dropdown menu at control panel, network and internet) and discovered that I can automatically share my internet connection in just a few clicks. No need to create adhoc connections, which is rather fiddly. 

At the utility interface, just click enable and your wired internet connection is ready to be accessed wirelessly. Click profile, click edit and change the wireless security code. Why? The natively assigned security code is quite very long!

 Press OK and your connection will be transmitting wirelessly waiting for your devices to connect with the correct security code.

To connect on your device, just go to the wi-fi connection window and choose the name of the network, key in the code and your device is online in no time. Faster than having to call customer service to fix their wireless connection!  Believe it or not, it only took me at least two minutes to set this up.

At the My Wifi Utility window in your laptop, you can see the connected devices. From there, you can block a device from getting an access or you can unshare your connection at any time.

My basic Fujitsu laptop served as the most valuable gadget for this vacation,  not only because of it's backward compatible with the RJ45, but it's ability to create a hotspot powering up the shiny gadgets. Though mobile phones and tablets are becoming more popular, this experience has made me think otherwise  that there is no real substitute to a full size computer that fits to all possible connectivity interfaces. And yes, it can also double up as a multiple charging station, from apple to android, all you need are the USB cables of your gadgets. 

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