Friday, 29 April 2011

How to use old sim for iPhone4

It is frustrating to know that the iPhone4 and iPad use micro sims. This means the normal
sim can not be used in the two devices readily. But it will work by cutting it into micro sim fashion.

I tried to make one manually by using a knife and a pair of scissors, I was successful on my third attempt and ruined the first two.

I searched the internet about how to convert a regular sim into micro sim and a product from ebay and amazon caught my attention. It is cheap, worth £6 postage included. And works like a charm!  Just pop in the old sim and press the lever like making a punch hole to a paper and I had the perfectly transformed micro sim.

The device itself is straight forward to use and it is not expensive. Price ranges from £4 to £8, anything beyond that price is expensive. Get one now by going to the link below.

Buy iPhone 4 sim cutter here!

Watch how to convert normal sim into micro sim for iphone 4 or ipad using the sim cutter below:

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