Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Quick Fix: Disappearing Subtitle on Apple TV

One thing I like about apple products is the flawless ability to connect to one another, especially the streaming of movies to a bigger screen using apple TV as a bridge. This makes a cinema experience from a rather small screen when viewed in a wider and with more powerful audio output. HD's are viewed as HD's, and stereo sounds as stereo sounds, thanks to the magic of airplay. The availability of subtitle adds more to the enjoyment specially when watching movies with foreign language.

Movie with subtitle

However on some sites, the subtitle disappears when streamed using airplay.

Whilst the sound and picture are perfect, the subtitle does not appear,  even though it is available. Is this an airplay issue or the movie website's problem?

Airplay with iPhone

The good news is, there is a trick to get around this problem by using the mirroring function of airplay, as it outputs what you see in your phone in real time.

By a simple toggle of the mirroring button, the subtitle appears as it is intended by the website.

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