Sunday, 20 December 2015

Practical Tip For Old Smartphones: Use As A MIDI Xmas Player

The problem with smartphones is they depreciate very fast. Their value is like a plane that  nose dived in a short time causing every value of it disappears in a wink. The transition from one model to another is just too fast!

So what do you usually do, recycle, give away to charity, sell on eBay and other used mobile buying sites?


Selling may be a good  if you are happy to accept how low the price will be, postage might even be more expensive than the item itself!  Giving it away may be a better option if the recipient doesn't mind a jurassic models.

But keeping it as music player is I think better than the other two. You can load up your music on it and use  as a portable player and connect it to your car instead of using your main phone and save battery in the process. You might be thinking of not enough memory at this point, as older smartphones may only have an available 1GB or less of storage. This may look short specially with the mp3 format, but using MIDI format can fit more files that you can imagine.

Storage not enough.

The usual decently compressed mp3 file needs at least 3.5MB of storage but the MIDI just needs less than 100KB. With this equation we can say that 1 mp3 music is equal to 35 MIDI's, which is a lot.


MIDI's by the way are not really music files but set's of instructions to a MIDI player which is usually built in to electronic devices like mobile phones, karaoke machines and computers. These instructions control the pitch, tone and loudness of the sound to be emitted by the device, and as they are just instructions compared to the physical sound by mp3's, they require less space  the only downside is they do not contain vocals, only electronic sounds.

 As we are in the christmas season, you can squeeze all christmas carols you want in that little space and use your device as a Xmas chime player under your Xmas tree, instead of buying lights with built in Xmas carol player. You can load your old smartphone with MIDI music from the free royalty MIDI's below.

Free MIDI's

Once downloaded, you can transfer it via bluetooth or by USB cable. If your old phone do not have bluetooth connection, but can access the internet, you can download MIDI'd directly using the links above. Or if you have already downloaded it to your computer, you can email it as an attachment and open and download it from your old smart phone.

If you have an old HTC device, check if it has the dre beats logo on it, as they deliver studio-quality audio  with an external speaker.

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