Thursday, 19 November 2015

Micro SD Unexpectedly Removed

Is your phone with expandable storage flashes the message that the micro sd card is unexpectedly removed? I have this error just today after listening to music extensively whilst sleeping from last night until morning and fell asleep with the head phone on. It was still working fine when I turned it off to get ready for my morning and then  I just noticed it when I tried to load my mp3 collections before I drove off. The error message is on the screen and there's no way of accessing the expandable card, even after restarting it.

So I took off the card from it's slot, reinserted it. I've checked the content by going to settings and storage, fortunately the card is recognized and can be read. My music collection, playlists and everything on it seem working alright. You might have noticed, I did not unmount the card or reformat the card because there are no selection like this when the phone does not recognize any card inserted.

So what could have happened that cause the MicroSD unexpectedly removed?

At this moment I do not have a clear idea that caused it. But I suspect 3 things.

  • Dirty or loose contacts. 

The card and the reader need a connection to communicate with each other in the form of the gold plated conductors on each side. If there is an accumulation of dust particles between them can severe the exchange of data, thus making the card unreadable. Cleaning the contacts should remedy this.

The card becoming loose from the card port may also happen from shock when you drop your device. It may immediately say the message of removal depending the severity of the drop, as it causes misalignment   of the contacts. I suspected that this might have happened to my phone as when I reinserted it, the phone recognised it straight away.

  • MicroSD Card is Faulty

If you can't make your card readable from your phone when you try uninserting and reinserting it, try to get a card reader and connect it to your computer. If it still can be read, make a backup of your files to your computer. Delete everything from the card and try to insert it to your phone. If it can read it, that's the time to format it from your phone.

If it still can't be read by the phone, then it could be the time to buy another one.

  • The Card Reader is Faulty

This can be a very frustrating situation when the built in card reader turns out to be faulty. To diagnose these, throw in a known working card and if the phone does not recognise it, then the reader is most probably the problem. It could either be a software problem just like when you have just rooted your phone, then re updating it again can pick up the necessary and newer driver to operate the reader properly. Or if you have not updated your original firmware, try to see if there is a newer version by checking an update for your phone, which can be accessed when you press the settings, about device then software update.

Or it could be a hardware fault where a wire in the reader breaks or bends causing a discontinued communication between the card and the reader. As most models are integrated with the SIM card port,  bringing your phone to a qualified technician is a safer option. Check your current account or home insurance if you are eligible for a gadget cover if you do not have a dedicated gadget insurance.

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