Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Android Lollipop Experience

I was in holiday vacation when the OTA Lollipop update for the Note 3 was pushed to my device. Lollipop is already around for a while and has been adopted by newly built android devices but in my case I have not experienced it first hand. I was still with the KitKat operating system which I consider it as better than it's predecessor. And knowing that  the Lollipop is the latest version, I have high expectation on the latest android offering and excited to try it out.


The Lollipop update arrived as a reminder. Clicking the reminder made the device download the necessary files followed by installation. There was no problem during the installation, the device restarts after the installation is finished. Then the optimisation of the downloaded applications followed. Unfortunately, not all applications I downloaded are optimised or compatible with Lollipop. This make them crash randomly. So I did uninstall them for a while.

First impression.

Honestly, I do not like the looks of it. The native icons look bland and even the colours a little unpalatable. Though there are colourful native wallpaper to compensate. The notification interface is paper flat style stack(A) on each other like a 3D(B) rendition. Though I do not like it visually, functionally I find it very good.

Application icons are in their proper places and inherits their default looks except for the native samsung and google applications. All apps do not need restarting except the kaspersky internet security that needs you to allow it's access to the phone's resources.

Widgets that are active before the update stays the same except the S planner that needs to add to the screen again.

Problems after installation.

The first problem I noticed is the battery life. It seems like it lost half of it's holding capacity. Before the update, the battery lasts twice as much. The active applications button also show many apps being active from time to time. Although I do not remember starting them on.  I also noticed that the wi-fi service does not wake up as quick as before. I need to turn it off then on again to connect to the home wi-fi. There is also a noticeable lag when I use mobile internet. But this could be a network issue that sometimes it goes terribly bad.

Some applications can be problematic. The chess game I usually play to kill time gave me two queens in the middle of a game and then randomly crashes. A ringtone maker does not recognise the mp3 file that it usually does!

Lollipop after a week.

The battery problem seems cured after a week, and the applications showing from the active applications button became lesser. Although I still need to terminate some of them from time to time. This could be due to an update to the applications themselves making them more adaptable to the new operating system. Though the wi-fi and internet data are still problematic. If this is a network issue or a bug in the operating system, then at the moment there's nothing I can do but to wait for the update that can resolve this.

On the bright side.

Like other new operating systems, they get better through time. There might be bugs that affect the way the device works, and some incompatibility of programs that are downloaded, updates are soon available to address these issues.

Lollipop like other android operating system, hides an easter egg within. But this time, it is not only graphic animation but a game. You can access this by going to the settings>general>about device>then tap "android version"(1) repeatedly until the lollipop icon appears> tap and hold the lollipop icon(2) until the game starts(3)! Enjoy!

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