Saturday, 2 November 2013

Why Join Cashback Sites

With Christmas just round the corner, I am sure everyone is busy planning for their activities and making their X'mas lists. How much would you be spending for gifts this year? No matter how much money would be flowing out of your pocket, you could get back some of it by using a cashback site! Joining a cashback site is easy and worth it. Not to mention it is free to join. The clear advantage is some of the money you pay for your purchases will go back to your bank account in the form of a cashback. This could range from a few pence to hundreds of pounds depending on the purchase and percentage of the cashback.

How to Join?

A good example of a company with a good reputation is  Like most of the cashback company's, it is completely free to join. You just need your postaldetails and email address and you do need a bank account to join. Why? Because this will be needed when you want to withdraw your  cashback. 

Join now and start saving!

If for any reason  you are not comfortable in setting up your bank account to receive your cashback payment, paypal account is accepted. 

How to Earn Cashbacks?

To start earning through your purchases, the next time you buy something online, log on to and search(1)for the site you want to buy from. If the retailer is affiliated to topcashback, the summary of how much you will earn as cashback will be shown(2). Click  cashback(2) and it will show you the latest offers and voucher codes available for the said merchant. At the merchant's topcashback page, click get cashback(3) and a new tab will redirect you to the merchant's site where you can shop. 

You can be sure that the visit you made to the site is recorded by going back to the merchant's cashback page tab.

Popular Cashback Companies

 Most of the things you need when bought online can give you cashbacks, not only from retail companies, but utility companies like power, telecommunication, financial and other services. In fact high paying cashbacks come from telecommunications and financial institutions offering mortgages and insurances. 

Maximise Your Savings

The percentage cashback you receive from the site is independent from the existing promotion of the merchant's site. This means you can maximise your savings. For example you bought a galaxy tab basing from the present offers, buying online would already save you £20 (£99.97 online compared to £119.97 in store), plus another potential saving of £10 voucher for every thing less than £100 tablets, and a cashback of 4.04% which is another £4.03 or a total of £34.03 savings. Not bad by just using the topcashback site.

Checking and Cashing In Your Cashback Earnings

The good thing about this site is, there is no threshold in earnings before you can withdraw your cashback. As long as it is already available in your account, meaning it has been paid by the company to topcashback, and it is already showing in your account, you can cash it out. 

You can check on this by clicking my account(5) then earnings(6). You can see the transactions by merchant, your click visits, and most of all the cashbacks which are payable. The amount of this column represents how much you can withdraw!

To cash in, click the payments (9) tab and you can choose between paypal payment or bank transfer. If you have not arranged for the payment details when you have set up your account, you can set it up by going to my account, then my profile, then payment details.  

Join now and start saving!

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