Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Best Alternative Browser

Browsers are not created, or coded, equal. But who cares how it is made? As long as it is fast to render webpages and provides users the privacy they need. Lately, google chrome, my favourite browser is misbehaving. It struggles to show pages. My internet connection speed has no problem, and the cache is empty. But I do not know why it is misbehaving. Then I came across an unknown browser called Epic Privacy Browser. Downloaded, installed, and used it. And it is amazingly fast, but not only fast. I think it will be the browser that I will be using for these other reasons:

  • Always On Private Browsing

Other browsers have Private Browsing mode, but Epic is private in default. You can be sure that your browsing activity, is not saved. Not like other browsers that it is stashed somewhere for retrieving later. This means nobody will be able to see where you have been, and you do not need to do task like emptying your cache.

Download Here

  • Allows No Trackers

It blocks actively all kinds of trackers like cookies, trackers embedded in codes and adverts. Even third party, or those trackers from other companies other than the website you are visiting are not allowed whether from well known brand or not. A bad news for publishers (like me) with allowed ads in their site, but a relief for those who want a fast and private browsing. 

Photo 1

You can review the blocked trackers by clicking the umbrella and the " See Trackers Blocked" menu.


  • Hides IP Address

One way of websites to track your browsing activity is by remembering your ip address. You can mask this by using Epic browser's built in proxy server by clicking the red socket icon at the right side of the address bar. When on, this turns into green. To test if this is effective, I tested my IP address at http://whatismyipaddress.com/ whilst the socket is on and off and here are the results.

With the socket on, it detected that I am surfing from the US.

Photo 3

They know where I am when socket is off.

Photo 4

  • Let's You Watch US Region Restricted Sites

As it plays with your IP address when you use their built in proxy server, it tricks websites into believing that you are in the US, and in effect let's you watch movies and videos intended for US audience only.

With Socket (proxy server) off

Photo 5

With socket (proxy server) on

Photo 6

  • Search Protection

The built in Epic Search, does not save your searches. It does not employ auto search and auto fills so that you are sure that only you will ever know what you are searching. In addition, your searches will automatically routed to the browser's proxy servers, and not to your ISP's providers. What happens to your searches at the browser's servers? They are deleted every 5 minutes.

  • Very Fast

It is one of the fastest that I have experienced. This is because of the web components(advertisements, scripts etc) that it blocks that other browsers fetch and show, the Epic Browser is confident that it is at least 25% faster than the fastest browser you have ever used, and I agree!

Just remember that the browser blocks the unnecessary third party elements of the websites you are visiting so they might not be shown properly. Emails and social networks might challenge you as they are tricked that you are accessing your account away from your usual location.  In case you want to lower the browser's restriction, you can do so by clicking the umbrella icon (see Photo 2) and tweaking the settings as you wish.

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