Monday, 14 March 2011

Copy DVD With Copyright Restriction

There might be some softwares out there that can rip copyright protected DVD's but of my experience, I have not yet seen one. At the box of every software I encountered is printed, "does not work with copywrite protected media". I have purchased a conventer, ripper that does not have a warning about copywrite protected DVD's but when I tried it, a message pops out saying  "the software cannot rip or copy copywrite protected media".  Frustrated, I stopped my ambition of backing up my DVD collections for the moment.... until this afternoon that my wife's friend has a nice DVD that she wants to have a copy.

I fired up my software but found out that it is a copywrite protected DVD. Curious about the content, I tried to play it. Guess what? My player has a record button! Well, in default the record button does not show. You need to play with the menu to show it in the player's interface. The only downside is, the recording is in real time. It records in MP2 and the destination folder can be reconfigured so you won't be lost. After recording the video, just use your built in DVD maker, or Movie maker of your computer to organise it and burn it into DVD! The burnt file may not be as good as the original but where else can you get it for free?

Get the player with record button for windows at

If you run into problems or need help, just message me!

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