Saturday, 26 February 2011

Access Any PC File Using iPAD

Apple products are amazing. The technology they use usually are already existing before they launch their product, but they only introduce their gadgets  after perfecting the technology. Remember PRADA phone which was launched before iPhone? And PC's are already leading the computing households before Mac's. And other tablet computers are already in the market before the iPAD.

The thing that make's an apple product number one is "it's make". It just works!

iPad changes our way in accessing the web. It is always ready to go and connect to any network, home wifi or 3G netwrok, without booting  and loading up things not necessary to access internet, like what PC's, Laptop's, Netbook's, Nettops, etc do. In fact I condsider it as a crossover between a mobile device and a netbook. It is really a very portable internet gadget with and an allday device that can last 10 hours or more.
What is not really a good reputation is it's interactivity with other gadgets. It seems like it is only dependent to internet when it comes to file sharing. And input of data can only be done with the device's input peripherals.. Bluetooth is available but useless as it only connects to an audio service. File transfer, internet teethering are not just possible!

What if you want to access a file in your PC with your iPAD? What if you want to copy a photo of something inside another machine? That's where the shortcoming  of the device comes.

Only yesterday I found out on how to access any files in any  PC , laptop, netbook, or Mac  using your iPAD without paying anything. The technology is based on internet streaming connection. It works by making your source computer as a data server and iPAD can access anything inside it.  Imagine you are in the Philippines and you want to show movies, photos, or files that you did not bring along with you. It is possible as long as your source computer is connected to the internet. Possibilities are endless and you do not need to carry memory keys that might get lost, or carry a computer because you can even use your mobile phone.

Download the program at , windows and mac format are available. Sign up as a new user and you can even share everything to your family anywhere by just telling them your access details without uploading! The best part is, it is free!

I will post some screen shots sometime!

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