The Author and Prakticality

My name is Richard, a father of two. I love new things and the kick of new ideas. I do not have a formal training in electronics or technology. But because technology fascinates me so much, problems I encountered with these devices became a challenge and a pleasure to find a working solution.

The topics of this blog are not from an expertise's point of view, but from a simple user like me. The problems presented here might appear very common and the solutions are mostly taken from my own experience and experimentation. I might not understand well how the solution solves the problem but the most important is it provides the answer that works. Screen shots are provided to help novice users to follow the steps easier. Screen shoots are most of the time from my own collection but sometimes I resource them from the web.


As technology is fast evolving, devices are also fast changing, firmwares and operating systems regularly upgrading, the solutions presented which are working at the time of the post might not work in the future!

Welcome to   P R A K T I C A L I T Y !


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